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We specialize in custom microphone work

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Sadson Music Group. A pristine, state of the art studio, employing the most talented and personable musicians ready to take on your next project

AudioGraphicServices For your audio and graphic needs. Susan's numerous CD and Media Cover design work can be found in almost any media store and online. Ed Wolfrum PH.D in Electro-Acousitc design and Engineering. His work has earned numerous Grammys and two Emmys. one time IN ONE WEEK, Ed Wolfrum, Russ Terrana, and Danny Dallas, between the three of them held 68 of the BillBoard top 100.... Ed has been credited with the invention of the DI, and one if not the first, to implement and use 'near-field' monitors.

Pan60 is an authority in audio equipment, designs and inventor of the 'Blast Pad' Pan's work can be seen and heard all across the spectrum.

A local audio enthusiast making cables and other sound system components right here in Nebraska

Please watch these videos featuring microphone props

"Believe in Beautiful" TJ Saddler, amazing

Lucas Kellison

Lucas Kellison


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